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Forms & Procedures - U.K.


Excess FSCS Surety Bond Claim Form

Excess FSCS Surety Bond

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All Bonds issued by CAPCO expired in or prior to February 2009.

Only customers of Lehman Brothers Inc. and Lehman Brothers International (Europe) may be beneficiaries under the Bonds because insolvency proceedings were commenced prior to expiration of the Bonds with regard to only those firms. Coverage provided by the Bonds is described in more detail in this web site.

United Kingdom Forms & Procedures

The following documents are available to view or download in Adobe® Reader®. You may print the claim forms using the print button or print command in your browser.


Excess FSCS Surety Bond Claim Form

Use this form to submit a claim to CAPCO if you are a resident of the United Kingdom. This form may be downloaded and completed by U.K. broker-dealers insured by CAPCO.

Excess FSCS Surety Bond Claim Form (200K download) >>


Excess FSCS Surety Bond

View this document to see a sample surety bond as issued in the United Kingdom. For more information, go to the "Q&A" section of this web site.

Excess FSCS Surety Bond (200k download) >>


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