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About SIPC


All Bonds issued by CAPCO expired in or prior to February 2009.

Only customers of Lehman Brothers Inc. and Lehman Brothers International (Europe) may be beneficiaries under the Bonds because insolvency proceedings were commenced prior to expiration of the Bonds with regard to only those firms. Coverage provided by the Bonds is described in more detail in this web site.


Customer Asset Protection Company ("CAPCO") is an insurance company currently licensed by the state of Vermont. Until early 2009, CAPCO provided to participating securities broker/dealers "Excess SIPC" protection for institutional and individual clients' securities accounts. This Excess SIPC protection is excess of the protection provided by the Securities Investor Protection Act ("SIPA"), which is administered by SIPC.

Because all outstanding CAPCO surety bonds expired in February 2009, only customers of

Lehman Brothers Inc. and
Lehman Brothers International (Europe)

both of which are the subject of insolvency proceedings commenced prior to February 2009.


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