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WARNING: Investment Firm Misrepresenting Participation in CAPCO

The Participants in Customer Asset Protection Company ("CAPCO") were issued bonds in February 2008. All of these bonds expired in February 2009. It has come to CAPCO's attention that representations have been made with regard to coverage of entities other than those to which CAPCO bonds were issued. No such other coverage has been issued by CAPCO and there should be no reliance on representations to the contrary.

In particular, neither Myers Brüning Associates nor any affiliate thereof (the "Myers Brüning Group") is or has ever been a member of CAPCO Holdings Inc. Further, CAPCO does not currently and has not at any time in the past issued a policy or bond to or provided any coverage whatsoever to the Myers Brüning Group or any customer thereof. Accordingly, persons dealing with the Myers Brüning Group should not rely on representations of any coverage provided by CAPCO in making decisions to retain or otherwise enter into a business relationship with the Myers Brüning Group.


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